This specifications document refers to the building construction of a new house in Tinos.




The execution of all operations shall take place using high quality materials and within all regulations of expertise and experience, from specialized technical staff, according to the traditional ways and construction techniques with materials used in Tinos respecting all urban planning laws in force. 




 Excavation procedures shall be executed at such degree in order to allow the application of approved plans and the safe foundation of the building. The products (building waste) shall be removed and transferred to a specially designated by the police area which shall be remote and not visible from the houses. All necessary excavation, as well as the structure of the surrounding area, shall take place in a way that the building can be adjusted to the part of the plot to be erected.





The concrete of the supporting structure shall be of category C20/25 or C25/30 and steel shall be of Greek origin (Sidenor or Steel of Thessaly), quality S500s (B500C according to the latest standards of the Hellenic Organization of Standardization- ELOT). Ready-mixed factory concrete shall be used according to the ISO 9001 standard requirements.

All supporting elements shall be manufactured as described in the approved casing documents, according to the antiseismic and the reinforced concrete regulations in force providing strong antiseismic shielding.  

Basement panels shall be processed and painted with two layers of concrete-like waterproof varnish MAPEI IDROSILEX PRONTO with SIKA - LATEX bonding emulsion for protection against exterior humidity.

The aforementioned building shall be erected according to a study approved by the Urban Planning authority and under the supervision and instruction of the project engineer.  The slightly reinforced concrete shall be used as undercoat for the floor fitting as well as exterior areas.







The external holding panels of buildings shall be put according to the attached plans which shall indicate the type of panel to be used in each side of the building. All masonry, internal and external, shall be manufactured with high-quality regularly cured perforated bricks of dimension, in centimeters, 6Χ9Χ19, 12Χ6Χ19, 12Χ9Χ19. All masonry shall be equipped with a reinforced zone (chainage) with reinforced iron 2Φ8, length-wise or along the middle of the panel or the window apron.





External panels shall be made with two running bonds withDOW or FIBRAN insulation with 5cm thickness. Internal panels are made with running bonds. The partition wall to the adjacent residence shall be made with two running brickworks with installation of sound-proof mineral wool of 100kg.






All structure surfaces to be coated shall be coated with lime mortar spread in three layers and reinforced with concrete, according to the regulations of expertise and science from experienced personnel as follows:   

Between the first and second layer, a special plastering glass-coated wire shall be installed, 50cm-wide and as long as needed, on the points where there is change of materials on the facades as well as in the internal part of the building on the electrical fittings passes in order to avoid the formation of cracks on the coating.






The hydraulic installation comprises the installation of hot-cold water as well as the industrial waste and rain-water drainage. The pipes of the main flow as well as other flows towards the end points shall be made of REHAU pipes, invested and within a spiral. Cold water supply is provided for kitchen, bathroom, laundry areas as well as verandas. Hot service water shall be supplied to all hydraulic bathroom receivers and sinks through the local heaters (internal or solar water heater) that shall be installed on a specially designated spot. All accessories shall be of high quality.

Switches shall be round and the change in direction (turns) in the pipes shall be performed only with special accessories. In order to detect any cases of leak, the pipe system shall be under pressure mode. All hot water supply pipes shall be insulated with Armaflex.

The industrial waste and rain-water drainage shall be performed with industrial-use circular-shaped plastic conduits of local origin with nominal strength 6 atm. Shafts and safety plugs shall be available in all changes in direction or conjunction of drainage pipes. Floor outlets shall be plastic. In case of vertical drainage pass in internal areas, there shall be provision sound-proof conditions and masonry coating. Sanitary equipment in bathrooms shall be made with white porcelain by IDEAL STANDARD.

All bathroom accessories shall be made of INOX.

The kitchen sink shall be a double sink made of INOX by FRANKE.

All bathroom and kitchen tabs shall be made of INOX by IDEAL STANDARD. 






As basic grounding, for the building’s protection and operation, there shall be a foundation grounding according to the approved planning made with tape of orthogonal incision (30X3mm), thermal zinc plated and extremely well armored on the foundation with appropriate fixation slips and appropriately protected against environment effect.




Electrical lines shall be distributed from the main electrical panel with several respective fuses as follows: 

  1. a lighting line for the landing prow and some shared facilities lights
  2. a lighting line with simple switch for the rest of the shared facilities lights
  3. an independent supply line for central heating ending to a sub-panel with fuses in the boiler house area
  4. an independent line for the door and PARKING area
  5. an independent supply line for the central television antenna network to be installed in the building’s roof area





A) an independent line with fuse, switch and indicating light for the electric cooker appliance

B) an independent line with fuse, switch and indicating light for the solar water heater or internal heater in the bathroom

C) an independent line with fuse, switch and indicating light for the washing machine reinforced electric socket 

D) an independent line with fuse, switch and indicating light for the water pump, coming from the water tank to the residence         

E) an independent line with fuse, switch and indicating light for the reinforced current suppliers in the bedrooms

F) two lines with several fuses and respective switches for the lighting and the rest of the residence’s electric sockets. Lighting points, switches and the rest of the provided for electric sockets are:

F,a) Reception area- living room: equipped with two double roof lighting points (switches) and four grounding sockets (schuko)

F,b) Bedrooms: each bedroom shall be equipped with a simple roof lighting point with two alternating lighting switches (aller retour) and four grounding sockets (shuko) one of which shall be used for air-condition 9000btu.

F,c) Kitchen: equipped with a simple roof lighting point with switch, one socket for the cooker-hood, one socket for the dish-washer and four grounding sockets (schuko) for the refrigerator and the workbench.

F,d) Bathrooms-WC: each bathroom shall be equipped with one roof or wall lighting point with simple switch and one socket with switch.

F,e) Lobby- hallways: each independent hallway shall be equipped with one roof lighting point with simple switch and one socket with switch. 


There will also be provision for bell switch board.

F,f) Verandas: each veranda shall be equipped with the respective lighting points with simple switches located in the apartment and the respective areas. A grounding socket (schuko) with lid shall also be provided for. 


G) Telephone installation: in the shared facilities of the building, wherever provided for, there will be an accessible connection cupboard (distribution frame) where all telephone lines shall lead and from which independent cable sets shall start for each property; these cable sets shall be recessed and shall lead to internal telephone receptors, one in the living room, one in the kitchen and one in each bedroom.

H) Alarm installation: the building shall be equipped with cable sets for the alarm installation of the apartments. The installation shall comprise cable for magnetic junctions for all of the external frames, as well as the street door, cable for two space radars and cable for control keyboard and panel.

I) Electrical material: accessories (switches, sockets and buttons) shall be by LEGRAND, type VALENA.






All floors of the privately-owned areas and all reception areas, living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms, shall be coated with choice ceramic enamel tiles of high- quality at dimensions of approximately 30cmΧ30cm or 40cmΧ40cm.   

Bathroom floors and walls (up to a height of 2,20m) shall be coated with ceramic enamel tiles of two different colors.

Verandas shall be coated with stone-like tiles or Karystos stone according to the location or area where the building is located.

Kitchen floors, as well as all visible surfaces created between kitchen cupboards, shall be coated with tiles of the aforementioned quality.





Window aprons and lintels shall be lined with white marble with an appropriate gradient jutting out from the external wall, with 3cm width on the aprons with an incision on its lower part for the water riddance and 7cm on the lintels. 

The same goes for the veranda handrail which shall be lined with the same way.





Stone or marble shall cover all shared facilities areas located outside or inside the buildings (hallways and stairs).

Inner stairs shall be lined with marble or solid wood parts.





Balusters on balconies and verandas shall be made of wood or aluminium in the same color with exterior window and door frames.





Interior glasswork shall be made of white-colored composite P.V.C., manufactured in Germany meeting all modern requirements bearing C.E. trademark. All frames shall be equipped with tilt and turn windows. Window panes shall be dual security and soundproofing with choice white crystal of 5+ 12 + 4mm of high quality.

A) Outside shutters shall be traditionally styled with rabote wood with high quality Meranti frame with hidden housing for mosquito screen. Hinges shall be fully adjustable made by German factory MACO. Shutters shall be made with high-quality plywood by Mourikis of 35mm. Shutters shall be painted as follows:

1) soaking with fungicide and insecticide.

2) two layers of underlay with organic waterborne finish for open pore wood  

3) lacquer paint with RAL colors by SICKENS of Germany.

Β) Depending on the location of the house and in some special cases, outside shutters can be made with the aluminium series EUROPA 5000 NEW; they shall be equipped with wide frame with hidden housing for mosquito screen, hinges made by MACO or ROTTO. Paint shall be in RAL color under the product code “krinaki”.

C) Apartment gate doors shall be blind made with plywood of 68mm with multiple-security system locks. Door panels shall be made ofMeranti solder resist glued wood of 120 mm. The design shall be horizontal rabote and they shall be painted with colors by SICKENS of Germany. 

D) Depending on the location of the house and in some special cases, the apartment gate doors can be made of aluminium EUROPA 500.




Inner doors, which shall be placed on galvanized concealed panel to be incorporated in the coatings, shall be straight or pantograph doors made of W.D.F. wood and paint with factory lacquer paints. Panels shall be made of veneered wood (placage) 120X45mm, with fasten frames, reinforced hinges and rubber-band. Knobs shall be made of nickel by Zogometal.





Drawers in bedrooms shall be placed in the opening as described in the architectural study. Boxes shall be made by high-quality melamine of 16mm whereas the backs shall be made of white color melamine 9mm by SELMAN.

Each wardrobe shall be 58cm deep supported by 10cm adjustable stems. Fronts, kick plates and closet doors shall have the same color and be of Bakelite-type. Kick plates and fronts shall be equipped with fasten transparent rubber-band.






Kitchen cupboards shall be manufactured at the size as described in the architectural study. Boxes shall be manufactured by high-quality melamine 16mm whereas the backs shall be made of white color melamine 9mm by SELMAN.

Fronts, kick plates and cupboard doors shall be of Bakelite-type. Kitchen workbench shall be made of Bakelite. Kick plates shall be made of melamine or inox with fasten transparent rubber-band. Drawers shall be supported by 10cm adjustable stems. The sink’s bottom in the drawer shall be made of aluminium. Knobs shall be made of nickel by Zogometal.





The heating installation works with a single pipe system providing autonomy on all levels. Hot water is supplied through a water circulator and the installation shall comprise a boiler, oil burner, circulator, piping network, smoke pipe, heating radiators, expansion container and the oil reservoir.

The boiler shall have the required performance for the heated surface according to the study following the appropriate operating mode for the right oil combustion. The boiler shall be equipped with thermometer, manometer and drainage tap placed in a location indicated by the manufacturer.  

Smoke pipes shall be built with the special elements with an appropriate incision up to a specific height as indicated in the study. They shall be covered with the appropriate cover. 

The burner shall operate and perform automatically accompanied with all appropriate accessories for proper operation according to the study.

A silent operation and performance hot water circulator shall also be placed with a manometer according to the study.

Conduits in the apartments shall be made of copper lined with soft PVC enclosed in plastic spiral along the electric valves leading to all heating radiators. Central columns shall be made of heavy copper conduits dully insulated with Armaflex.   

Heating radiators shall be panels of appropriate heating performance. Their quantity and size shall be described in the study. The location of conduits and heating radiators shall be defined in the central heating study in order to supply all apartment areas in the best possible way.





Inner surfaces of coated walls, at the exception of bedrooms and apartment ceilings, shall be covered with acrylic plaster and painted with plastic color by Greek brands VITEX or VIVECHROM.

 Bedrooms, ceilings, shared facilities and basements shall be painted with wall plastic color.

All outdoor surfaces shall be painted with white acrylic color (priming coat and three layers of acrylic).





Apartment roof shall be coated with water and heat insulating materials as follows: after dully cleaning of the floor surface, it shall be coated with two layers of insulating asphalt varnish for the placing and sealing of one layer of 4mm bituminous paper with seal coat chips to be followed by 5cm extruded polystyrene (foam board DAW or FIBRAN) and 10cm gravel as top coat.     

Verandas shall be coated with water insulating varnish in the same way to be followed by a layer of ceramic tiles or Pelion traditional stone tiles. 





The connection expenses of the apartments with the following networks burden their owners (Water supply, Electricity Supply, Telephone Connection, Drainage Household Connection)